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Protect Your Sanity and Family: Set Boundaries in Your Home Business

It’s Saturday night. So far it’s been a relaxing weekend with the family. Now the kids are tucked in bed, and your husband is spending some down time in front of the T.V. It’s a perfect time to do a quick email check. You notice a client email indicating she expects to hear back from […]

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Don’t Let Excuses Keep You from Finding a Work-at-Home Job

Last week I was invited to participate in a Life Skills Coaching 101 workshop for women in my community along with several other local professional women, insha’Allah. I will be covering job search and career strategies, insha’Allah. Tuesday morning I met with the person in charge of organizing the event for coffee at Atlanta Bread […]

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5 Key Strategies for Finding Real, Paying Work-at-Home Jobs

One of the most common messages I receive – by email, Facebook and Twitter – is “I want to work from home. How can I do this?” I have to be honest, sometimes messages like this frustrate me to no end. Please don’t misunderstand – the mission of Muslimahs Working at Home is to provide […]


In Search of Monday Motivation

As usual, things have been busy, busy, busy in our house. Last week was spring break for the kids. Work was kind of slow which was fine. More time to spend hanging out with the kids, masha’Allah. Early this morning, hubby, the twins and their entire 5th grade class headed off on a 3-day camping […]

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Smart Outsourcing Tips for Online Business Owners

  Yesterday a member of our Muslimah Business Strategy Facebook group posted an important question. She wanted to know how to manage and pay employees and still generate enough of a profit to cover her own  living expenses. For small businesses that are just getting started, keeping employees on the payroll is just too expensive. […]

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Could Charging Low Rates Hurt Your Business?

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced as an entrepreneur is pricing my services competitively. Last month I increased my rates significantly inspired by a webinar I attended last fall urging people in my profession not to undervalue themselves and the services they provide. For many self-employed folks, that’s easier said than done. I didn’t […]

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Why You Should Create a Company Page

As a career communications expert, I often encourage my job seeking clients to join and become active participants on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great tool for people searching for employment, but it’s also a powerful tool and resource for entrepreneurs. Creating a company page on will educate members about your business. They can learn […]

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Passive Income Ideas

  Electrical issues caused by exploding electrical meters, hospital emergencies, stomach viruses, and invasive winter storms – these are the tests my family and I have endured so far this year; and it’s only February. As my husband is so fond of saying “All that matters in these tough time is our reliance on Allah, […]


Could Learning a Skill Provide Muslim Women and Their Children Financial Protection?

About a year or so after taking my shahadah, I met a beautiful young sister thanks to an impromptu dinner invitation her husband so kindly extended to mine one afternoon following jummah. I was so nervous about meeting her.  I was new to Islam and have always been slow to make friends; but this warm, […]


Why I Started Muslimahs Working at Home

I was recently asked about what inspired me to start Muslimahs Working at Home and why I consider working at home important. I guess to understand my motivation, you have to know a bit about my story. I am a married mother of four (my daughter has a chronic health condition) and I’ve been making […]