April 5th, 2011 by Kimberly Ben

About a month ago, I was thinking of making a purchase online. After reading through all of the available information on the website, I still had a question I needed answered before paying my money. I searched high and low for a phone number or email address. Nothing. Couldn’t find a thing. Long story short: I finally I gave up and found the information I needed on another website. That website also had a contact email for customer inquiries.
From a customer’s standpoint there’s always a certain amount of risk involved with buying products online. Unlike purchases from a brick and mortar store, you can inspect the merchandise and carry it with you as soon as you’ve made your purchase. Sometimes a customer has questions that need answering before they make the decision to buy. Sometimes a customer needs to contact you for advice on the best way to use a product, or needs a question answered. A customer may also need to contact someone if there is a problem with an order (e.g. wrong size, color, etc.).
Your contact information should be easy to find on your website or blog. Ideally a visitor on your site should be able to easily access it from any page.

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