5 Ways to Maintain Motivation for Your Home-Based Business


As with most things, when the idea to start a home-based business first comes to you, you’re motivated in a big way. It’s constantly on your mind and you just can’t wait to start laying the groundwork to get things moving. Over time motivation ebbs and flows. Sometimes you’re just as enthusiastic about your business as the day the decision to become self-employed first popped into your head; but there are also days when you just want a break from it all, and maintaining momentum takes serious effort. Believe me, I speak from experience.

Motivation is the mental fuel that provides enthusiasm, creativity and determination to meet your goals. When you find motivation for your business is lacking, these 5 tips can help:

Create lists

The simple act of making lists helps you plan the necessary process of completing daily tasks and it shows your progression as you cross completed items off. Sometimes just seeing that you’re making progress is all it takes to reignite fledging motivation.


Be accountable

Find another business owner, a mentor or coach that you can regularly share business goals with to help keep you accountable for following through. Even during periods where you’re feeling less than motivated, you’re more likely to follow through with business tasks and goals if you share them with someone else who wants to see your home business succeed and is willing to provide support and encouragement.

Don’t procrastinate

This is a challenge for me. When motivation is low I easily become distracted. All procrastinating does is delay the ultimate gratification of achieving your goals.

When you have something to do, just do it. Procrastination is simply delaying the inevitable. Procrastination is a bad habit, but the good news is that you can change it. Commit to increasing productivity, and if you need more help in this area I recommend you check out the Productive Muslim blog which has lots of advice about improving productivity.

Build expectation

You know how it feels when you’re REALLY excited about something? The continuous build of expectation? Even though you may not always feel that way about the day to day operations of your business, you can increase motivation by building up anticipation about the final result of carrying out certain duties (e.g. more traffic to your website or blog, increased sales, getting your product into stores).

Focus on the prize

Sometimes we become so caught up in the more “tedious” aspects of daily operations that we forget that they are merely a means to the end goal – a profitable home-based business that allows you to earn money and be there for your family. Try instead to focus on the desired outcome to increase motivation.

Do you have tips to share for maintaining motivation?

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