Does Your Husband Support Your Work-at-Home Biz?

Dreams are unrealistic

You have experience, or a skill, that allows you to be at home for your family and also earn an income so you decide to start a part-time or full-time business. You might think working from home is a simple money making solution, and in many ways it’s the best alternative for those of us who need to earn a living yet have home bound obligations to uphold; but the road to entrepreneurship is paved with many trials like any other life experience. You’ll be juggling time spent creating an income with other important household duties: providing everyone in your household with three balanced meals, managing the children and school, chores and more. One of the toughest trials a sister building a business can face is lack of support from family and friends – especially when it’s her husband failing to support her efforts.
A husband may not support his wife’s desire to start a home business for a many reasons:
Sometimes a man who is used to working and providing for his family can find himself unexpectedly unemployed. Jealousy can also take root if a husband feels his wife is spending too much time working – especially during the early years.
Fear of Financial Uncertainty
If your family has been used to relying on both of your incomes to manage monthly expenses, your husband may be worried that there won’t be enough income during the first few years of your venture. He may worry that he’ll have to work harder or take a second job just to make ends meet. Or maybe he is simply unwilling to sacrifice your  current standard of living to tighten the financial belt for a couple of years while you get things established.
If your spouse doesn’t support your work-at-home business venture, try communicating with him to get to the heart of the matter. Once you understand what his issues are, you can begin dealing with them and hopefully reassure him. You can create a business plan detailing everything from the projected initial start up costs, overall objective and projected income. You might even include a plan to help reduce living expenses. You may find that your husband relaxes and becomes more accepting when he sees that you have a well thought out plan in place and include him in the process.
Making the transition to home-based business owner is not always easy. There will be relatives and friends who don’t take what you do seriously and assume you’re available for drop in visits, phone chats, babysitting or running errands just because you’re now at home. It can be frustrating, but it’s much easier to deal with if you have your husband standing behind you supporting you.
It also helps to have a network of support. It can be in the form of friends and family, sisters within the community, local business support organizations, and online communities.
He may not come around overnight, but don’t give up. Keep the lines of communication open. Allow him to address his concerns and frustrations, and recognize them. And make sure to take the matter to Allah t’ala and pray istikarah. The power of istikarah cannot be

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