Push Past Fear in Your Home-Based Business

If fear was the main thing holding you back from taking the leap to start your own business, you might expect things to be all downhill from here, right? Think again.
Making the decision to start your business is only the first step of many more to come. Fear is something every entrepreneur battles as long as she’s in business. There are so many important decisions to make: should you operate an online biz exclusively or both online and a physical location? Should you operate on your own or join with a partner?   Should you remain a sole proprietor or incorporate? Should you continue operating as you are or is it time to expand?
There are so many important decisions to make. Sometimes you’ll fear making a wrong choice can result in making no choice at all which can also be bad for business. Fear is natural, but allowing it to rule your decisions will prevent you from having the successful business you deserve.
Sometimes you just have to face your fears and push past them. Don’t obsess over making mistakes. If you make a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it and keep going. Don’t give up or give in to paralyzing fear.

Muslimahs Working at Home was created to provide women a financial alternative to earning an income outside of the home. Our objective is to provide women with the resources and tools they need to operate a successful, home-based business.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Skydive Lillo


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